Difference between architect and interior designer

Posted on April 5, 2022 by xtrahustle_admin

Architect vs interior designer has always been a contradictory point for both designing as well as academic field. Architects and interior designers both are highly trained professionals and have accurate knowledge of architectural principles.
As far as work profiles are concerned, architects mostly work for the basic structure of the project and are authorized to make changes through it. Interior designers are only allowed to change those parts which do not interfere with the actual structure of the project.

An architect designs the complete structure to be built over the site and don’t have to mix with the interior designs of the structure whereas an interior designer works on the interior parts of the building.
Working styles of both architect and interior designer are completely different. An architect does program planning that how the structure would be designed keeping client’s need and reviews in mind, whereas an interior designer works according to the space available in the structure and tries to furnish it with his creative skills.

Architect has to get the state building codes and other critical documentation completed for working. As he is responsible for the designing and correctness of the building. Interior designer can suggest structural changes to walls, windows, furnishings, etc. They don’t have to make architectural plans and get it approved by the concerned authorities.

The main focus of an architect is to make a design which is perfect and satisfies all the criteria of the designing and construction process. He basically works on the structural part of the project. Whereas interior designers works with the fabrics, furnishings, paintings, flooring, wall covering and artistic touch.

An architect needs to have skills in broader way as compared to interior designer as they have to lay the structural part keeping the need and requirements of locality and client in mind. But interior designer has to change the interiors of the place and make it creative and unique.

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