Different types of Architects- Choose the Best

Posted on April 5, 2022 by xtrahustle_admin

Architects are trained professionals who design the spaces in public and private areas. An architect designs the complete look of the place or building where he is working upon. Their ultimate objective is to convert our thoughts into realities, and give the best Value for Money to the clients.

Work of an architect can be classified in various ways. This classification is done according to the field they work in. There are varied type of architect according to their work field these are residential architect, commercial or public architect, landscape architect and green architect.

Residential architects are those architects who focuses majorly on designing beautiful dwellings of the house owners. These type of architects helps you in designing your house as per your needs and convenience. With their help, you can design your house little differently as compared to the traditionally built houses. They provide you with their unique designing skills and it can help you in making a beautiful dwelling for your living places.

Commercial or public architects are those who design public buildings like shopping malls, libraries, government facilities and more. Public architects not only beautify the public buildings but also make them fulfill practical purposes too. They design according to meet the needs of every individual who would be using the building for commercial purposes.

Landscape architects are those who designs the outdoor space in context of roads and buildings. These architects specialize in designing parklands, gardens and lawns surrounding the buildings and public destinations. Their prime objective is to give a pleasant look to spaces where people spend their quality time.

Green architects are those who build green buildings- Buildings that are environmental friendly and focus on using renewable sources of energy. Green architects designs the buildings that are built with solar panels and other innovative features that reduce energy costs and allow sustainable living. They try to create a balance in environment by reducing the use of non-renewable resources.

Keeping your individual needs and requirements in mind, you can make the best choice of architect that helps to create a place that suits you in the long run. Always keep in mind the simple fact that architects should not be chosen on their name, they should be selected after a long and careful examination of their projects completed and satisfaction of clients.

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