What is Green Architecture?

Posted on April 5, 2022 by xtrahustle_admin

Green architecture is the approach of saving energy by using sustainable energy sources and minimizing the adverse effects of modern day creations on human health and environment. It is basically the designing of buildings and structures that are environment friendly and which reduce the use of non-renewable sources in their construction.

Green architects are the architects who design buildings which are having renewable sources of energy, for e.g., solar panels and other innovative features that minimize the use of energy and help in sustainable living. The ultimate objective is to make the best use of sources of energy that can be regenerated.
The buildings created under green architecture are known as green buildings. There are multiple benefits of green buildings. The most important being they use sources of energy that are not hazardous to our environment. They are classified basically in three forms namely- Environmental, Economic and Social.

Green architecture focuses on using non synthetic and non-toxic materials for building. They use energy efficient lighting and appliances and water-saving plumbing fixtures. In simple terms, it lays importance on reducing the over-dependence on environment and ultimately helping to reduce depletion of resources.
The various environmental benefits that are attained through green buildings are emission reduction, water conservation, storm water management, temperature moderation and waste reduction. All these benefits help in maintaining environmental balances and saving our future generations from various health hazards.

Green buildings promote and protect the ecosystems and biodiversity as it improve the quality of air and water and also reduces the solid waste by conserving natural resources. Since these buildings are ecofriendly and depends on natural sources, they receive reduced utility bills and the operating cost also decreases to a good extent.

Green buildings not only improve the indoor and outdoor environment quality, but also its maintenance cost is very low as most of them do not require exterior painting. As a result, it gives a little less burden on the bank accounts of their residents, and this money can be used in some other productive purposes.
Green buildings also provide the combination of economic and social benefits which lead to increased property value, decreased infrastructural strain, sales improvements and healthier lifestyle with complete recreations facilities.

As a safe conclusion, it can be stated with the growing dependence on environment, our resources will be slowly and gradually depleted. To save our environment, we must focus on using renewable sources of energy and increase the construction of Green buildings.

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