What is landscape architecture?

Posted on April 5, 2022 by xtrahustle_admin

Landscape architecture is the art of arranging and modifying landscape for various sites to bring an aesthetic and natural look to the site. In this architectural form, a small piece of landscape is created within the given site using some of natural and man-made sources.

In simple terms, it is the designing of outdoor environment like designing parks and gardens according to the buildings and roads. It covers a huge area which could be seen as creating the balance between the artificial and the natural environment.

Landscape architecture is the art of composing landforms, water, vegetation, buildings, paving and climate to make the outdoor spaces look good. It can be seen as the arrangement between buildings and open lands for human use and enjoyment.

It requires a versatile approach involving environmental science, art, ecology and more to restore extraordinary results. It is related with both rural and urban areas and at all scales from small opens to wide regions.

It includes the following specializations within their profession namely- Landscape design, Urban design, Site planning, Regional landscape planning, Park and recreation planning, Land development and ecological planning, Landscape reclamation and restoration etc.

Landscape architect has a special commitment to improve the quality of life by designing eco-friendly and pleasant places. It combines both natural and manmade environments that link a person to more enjoyable, inspirational and sustainable places or communities. The basic aim is to give a unique and eye-catchy layout to our places.

To fulfil all these purposes, there are several landscape architects which are specifically trained to achieve these objectives. Landscape architects are state-licensed design professionals who create designs, construction documents and specifications that consist of allocations, arrangements and construction of land elements and water resources.

They are given special training and have complete knowledge of the plants and other natural and manmade resources which are being used. Landscape architecture is the art of creating outdoor spaces by keeping client’s need and preserving environment in mind. Ultimately, their basic objective is to convert our living places into complete relaxing atmosphere, without hampering the environment.

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