Who is an Architect?

Posted on April 5, 2022 by xtrahustle_admin

An architect is the professional who is qualified to design and advice to build in private and public areas. He creates the overall look of the building and other structures. The role of an architect is to bring together his creative ideas and match them with the needs of the client who will be using the designed space.

Architects design houses, offices, schools, landscapes, skyscrapers, ships and even entire cities. The services of architects depend upon the type of project they are handling. They not only design and plan structures for looks of the project but also for its safety and accessibility.

Architects are the professionals which create functional areas, from concept and design to the full realization of the project. They work closely with their clients and create designs according to the needs of the clients keeping functional area, time and budget in mind.

Architects design the spaces with their artistic vision and creative imaginations. Their ideas and imagination gets highlighted through the place designed. They with their designs ensure the safety and security of the project.

Architects are individuals who are registered, regulated and continually trained for their work. They also help clients in getting construction bids, selecting contractors and in negotiating construction contracts. Their ultimate aim is to convert your dream design into reality.

An architect’s work is not only limited to the designing the structures he also has to think about the building style, its safety and sustainability. Architects work for both government agencies and private users. Their work is not hampered by the sector of economy for which they are working.

There are various types of architect which can be classified according to their work fields. For e.g., residential architects, commercial architect, public architect, landscape architect and green architect.
While designing architect are expected to follow building codes, fire regulation, zoning laws and city ordinances for the plan they are working on to ensure safety of the project. Final design is being made by the architect and is used by builders as a step-by-step process for executing the overall constructional plan.

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